First Log Church

In September 1852, Gustav Polkow invited a few of his German neighbors to worship in his home. As time went by, he and Friederich Niebuhr alternated hosting and leading the group in worship.

In 1854, they built a log church, which they called the Independent German Lutheran Church. Fourteen heads of families made up the first congregation:

Gustav Polkow

Friederich Niebuhr

John Elver

John Prien,

Henry Prien

John Niebuhr

Carl Boeck

John Voss

Fritz Muhlenbruch,

Joachim Benn

Joachim Harloff

John Lubcke

Carl Piersdorff

Christian Pierstorff

The “Big White Church” on the Hill- 1866

The membership continued to grow so that the log church was much too small. It was decided to build a new church on the hill on an acre of land donated by Gustav Pulkow. Thirty-one families contributed to the new church, which was dedicated in May 1866.

John Wittenburg

Gustav Polkow

John Elver

John Prien

Henry Prien

Fritz Muhlenbruch

Christian Ort

Joachim Benn

John Durkopp

Carl Pierstorff

John Lubcke

John F. Lubcke

Juergen Goth

Fritz Engel

Carl Goth

John Niebuhr

Carl Albrecht

John Schewe

Carl Schwenn

Christian Schwenn

Joachim Harloff

Johann Findorff

William Wesenberg

Fritz Elver

John Ibenthal

John Facklam

John Loehrs

Henry Burmeister

John Koch

Joachim Frenz

Peter Britt


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